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Fragrance Diffuser - Cherry Style

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The sleek and stylish Cherry Style Fragrance Diffuser is our high-end model with many setting options. Pour your everly Hydrosol - Room Mist Fragrance; Herbal Mint or Spice; into the water tank, choose your intervals or "working time", and select your light color preference. Also great with your favorite essential oils!

The subtle low light color can be customized/set to 6 different colors, set to auto change, or turned off. Try setting the diffuser on a glass table for optimum color effect. 

PRODUCT SIZE: 5" height x 8" diameter

Emits cool mist

Tank size: 200ml

Material: PP, PVC, AS

Voltage: AC 100-240V

Frequency: 50-60Hz

Power: DC 12V, 12W

Quantity of atomization: 12.5-25ml/h

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