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Keep it Simple, Make it Effective™

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In order to understand everly's product offerings and the philosophy it would be helpful to explain the path I took that led me to them. The below Q&A is a brief summary of how the products were developed. As a working mother of three, the ongoing struggles and personal challenges I've faced during the development and execution of this business are many, and may be a topic for another day. 

How did everly™ start? everly began with an idea for an effective skin firming product. I have suffered from muscle tension headaches in the frown line area of my face for years. I also have hooded eyelids that become droopy and wrinkled at times. I had tried many topical serums and treatments and wasn't satisfied with the results. So I began tirelessly researching popular (and not so popular) natural cosmetic and skincare ingredients and their properties, uses, applications, concentrations, publicly documented safety data sheets, and effectiveness, as well as all-natural preservatives that would provide stability to those ingredients when mixed. I also love to cook and my daughter has Celiac disease, so I have a bit of familiarity will various different "gums". Armed with this knowledge I set out to create a product that would make noticeable subtle improvements to my skin, and to meet the modern, nature-inspired skincare demands that make people feel comfortable. It was a success! 

But you sell fragrances alongside your skincare. Isn't this confusing to your customers? Well, It was a natural evolution and logical product line expansion for me. When I was developing everly Firming Serum and Firming Rinse there was an ingredient that I couldn't source. I am always up for a challenge and opportunity to learn something new, so I bought a distiller and manufactured the ingredient myself. Since I had the distiller and had done a tremendous amount of research on natural ingredients and extracts, I thought I'd apply this knowledge and produce hydrosols "Room Mist" that could be poured directly into an electric diffuser without the measuring and mixing of essential oils, some of which can be potentially toxic. 

The addition of hydrosols led to the tireless search for unique electric diffusers that would give life to everly Hydrosols in the form of a Room Mist Fragrance. 

The distillation process also inspired the everly Beard & Body Oil in Herbal Mint and Spice. A favorite among bearded men and their sons (who like to apply the oil as a cologne). 


"If you don't know where you are going, any road will get you there." - Lewis Carroll

I believe isolation spawns originality. I have built everly to know "no limits". Without this knowledge-seeking, abstract line of thought that gave life to everly it would lose what it was intended to be... inspiration, balance and intuitive action. All I ask is that folks be willing to embrace the uniqueness that is everly. Keep it Simple, Make it Effective™

Do you have a unique, nature-inspired skincare or fragrance product that you would like to showcase on

We are looking for all-natural artisan style skincare and fragrance contributors. Everly™ provides a platform and outlet for creative women and men who would like to go into business for themselves. Our everly growing company can provide you with the tools you need to give life to your product. If approved, we showcase your product on our website, stock inventory and ship your products for you. Don't have a labels or packaging? We got ya! We have custom label designers ready to give your product the look and feel you've envisioned at low minimum quantities.

You can do it! Let us help :)

Here's how...

Send us an email to with the subject "LET'S DO IT!"

Included in your email should be a description of yourself and your product. Provide us with a backstory or any information you feel would be relevant website content for you and your product. If your product has been sold or is currently being sold, let us know where. Testimonials and reviews are helpful but not necessary for approval. Please describe the look and feel of your product. If you already have labels and packaging for your products, please send us a photo.

Don't forget to include your name, city and state where you live and how you would like us to get in touch with you. Your privacy is important to us. We will not sell or distribute your information to outside sources. Your products and ideas are yours and will remain confidential. We will treat your intellectual property with the respect and integrity you deserve. 

We can't wait to hear from you!

Keep it Simple, Make it Effective™

- everly

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